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A proactive, preventative approach to I.T. is
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A proactive approach to your I.T. increases user productivity, decreases risk and keeps costs under control.

Being proactive and monitoring your systems to deliver a higher level of performance, functionality and stability is cost-effective for your business.

Your biggest business expense is human resources. If you can better utilise your team through a technology solution then your business will benefit from higher productivity which will produce better results for you and your clients.

These tangible benefits to your business is why managed services are so critical.

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Password Capture to make sure we’ve got the details we need for smooth transfer.
Dedicated account manager so you’ve got a point of contact at every stage.
Free cancellation guarantee.

Monthly Network Reports

Monthly we will test the network make any improvements and suggest anything that might help further, and if the network is running well we’ll have a chat about anything else we may be able to improve.

It’s all part of the service.

I.T. Strategy Reviews

We’ll look at the systems and software you’re using in your business monthly to make suggestions about how you could better team performance and client experiences. We will also sit down with you to discuss the level of service you need to be offering and implement amazing systems to make sure you deliver.

Account Managers Mobile Number

For your businesses to outperform your competitors we need to build great relationships not just with clients but with suppliers, that’s why we give out your account managers mobile number, so any little niggles or burning questions can be sorted instantly.

Out of Hours Support

Sometimes the office might be closed but in this day and age the business still goes, that’s why we offer out of hours support if you need to have your I.T. operational round the clock.

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out of hours I.T. support

We know the expectations of our customers in terms of communication and standard of service and we also know you’re probably not receiving it.

it meeting strategic it review

Strategic I.T. Review

We offer a Strategic IT Review to test and monitor your network infrastructure, we will produce a comprehensive report to show where performance increases can be made and security improved. As well as opportunities for increased performance and efficiency gains for your team.

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