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Offsite Cloud Backup for Your Company

From £10 net per month
or FREE with an I.T. Support Contract

Multiple Previous Versions
Deleted file retention for 60 days
Daily Success Reports

Offsite Cloud Backup
£10 a month


1Tb Offsite Backup

Multiple Previous Versions

Deleted files kept 60 days

Daily Success Report

30 Day Rolling Contract

Full Disaster Recovery Backup
£60 a month

4Tb Offsite Backup

Imaged* backups of systems for fast reinstall

SQL databases* included in backup

Daily Success Report

30 Day Rolling Contract

with an I.T. Support Contract

All Critical Services are included in our I.T. support contracts

No bolt ons for Backup or Security

You know if you have an I.T. support contract with us you’re protected

Account managers mobile number

12 Month *SLA Contract

*SLA – Service level agreement, this is our promise to you on how long you’ll wait for action to be taken when issues arise.

*Imaged – Instead of taking the individual files from your systems we take a copy of your computer so when restored it’s as it was before the crash with software and settings in tact.

*SQL Databases – many software programs use SQL as the database to drive the software, traditionally when backing up an SQL database the database can be rendered unusable if backed up while a user is logged in as errors are created when trying to restore to the newly restored system. We back these files up so we can easily re attach the database.