Cloud Working

For businesses that need everywhere connection. We can house your company in the Cloud and scale up or down to fit your companies needs on any given day.

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Windows & Linux Cloud

Super fast Cloud platform for Windows and Linux Workloads

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Let us worry about the technical side of the Cloud.

Running your server in the Cloud now makes business sense, with Fibre broadband and superfast servers now the norm a Cloud server means you can truly work from anywhere.

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Scale Up, Scale Down

The great thing about having your server housed in the Cloud is the ability to scale up and down with your workforce easily and effortlessly.

All the power you need when you need it

Flexible and Lightning fast

Cloud servers allow your business to be completely flexible in your working arrangements and allow your workforce to connect and create from anywhere with Internet.

True freedom. Work from the beach, the top of a skyscraper, a high speed train in fact work wherever you can think of


Synchronised across all your devices.
Shared contacts
Shared calendars

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Windows Server
Linux : CentOS-7,  Debian-9, Fedora-25, Ubuntu

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Stored your company documents in the Cloud.
Access anywhere
End to End encryption

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